Friday, July 27, 2007

Letter From An Old Jewish Poet

Letter from an Old Jewish Poet

* dedicated to my friend Ed Galing

Your are like a son to me.

I love your work.


I have included a small poem,

so it shouldn't be missed,

I am old,


not a reason to publish this.

And how about that boychick

on the Coast?

God forbid

he should publish my work,

like a son to me too

but such a callow jerk!

And mister big shot editor

why do you publish her?

she's nothing but

a cat-loving cur!

As you know

I am an old man

weathered its true ,

and most-of-all- remember

I am a Jew....

Did I tell you?

You remind me of my son.

But truth

be told

you both

ain't that young.

But you can imagine

my outrage

when my name

does not appear

on that page,

and I realize

my time is short

on this

relentless stage.

-- Doug Holder

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