Saturday, August 25, 2007

Molly Goldberg by Ed Galing

*The Goldbergs was one of the most successful entertainment ventures ever, a radio and television show that reached across every medium.

It all hinged on one woman - Gertrude Berg, a true multi-media pioneer. Beginning on network radio in 1930, The Goldbergs had a phenomenal seventeen year run, second only to Amos and Andy as the longest-running program of radio's golden years. A Broadway play and daily comic strip were also spun off from the show.

hello, mrs. goldberg...
hello, mrs. blume

long before television
long before computers
or e mail

even before telephones
and cell phones

molly goldberg and
mrs blume ran the
lower east side of
new york

communicating from
one window to the

the back of each
tenement house
had windows facing
each other

and mooly goldberg
fat and jolly like a
jewish housewife should

alwayd had time to converse
with mrs. blume across
the street, in the back,
from open windows,
both of them shouting to
each other across the
vast void,

hello, mrs. blume, how are you?
oh, i am allright, mrs. goldberg

they would chatter for hours,
shoulders on the sill,
discussing the news of the day,

while the evening meal of
borscht and potatoes
overcooked in the kitchen


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