Tuesday, July 24, 2007

The Perks of Being An Editor by Sam Pierstorff

The Perks of Being An Editor

* For Ed Galing

I can really
only think of one.
His name is Ed.
He's 90 and he writes
long letters to me
with lines sloping
and the pyramid walls
of each "A" are jagged
as saw blades.

His wife of 60 years
recently died.
He tells me this
in every letter,
but I haven't forgotten

It's what I think most
when my own wife
of only 6 years
into the living room,
if I'd like some
black tea.

Ed's in an old folk's home now,
playing harmonica
and tickling the keyboard
until it laughs
or cries.

But I get the feeling
in every letter
that Ed's always writing
to a dear friend.

And that's the way
it should be
with poetry,

* Sam Pierstorff is the founding editor of the Quercus Review.

1 comment:

J.P. Lowe said...

Great stuff, Sam. Very true. I was a subscriber and contributor to the late Ralph Haselmann's LUCID MOON. I always enjoyed reading Ed's work there.

Fine poem, fine blog.


Jack Phillips Lowe