Friday, January 2, 2009

New poems from Ed Galing in "Dance Of My Hands"

New poems from Ed Galing in "Dance Of My Hands"


The High Ground

when the mourners had
finally left the stage
and the cemetery went
i had sprinkled some
earth on my wife’s
said my prayers,
now i stood alone,
looking around,
noticing the quiet
reverence of this
solemn place, and
thought about how short
life can be,
already overwhelmed
with sadness, i put
my hand out, and she
arose and smiled,
put hers in mine and
together we walked to
our car at the gate,
and she said with a sigh,
let us get out of here,
and I said softly,
where to, honey?
she waved her hand
lightly and said,
anywhere with you is
i was so delirious,
and we took off, and
i began to talk, and
then i turned to her,
and she was no longer
no longer there,
as i drove on,
feeling her spirit.

Nursing Home

old age sometimes
becomes a burden
and then
the nursing home
becomes a haven
for those who
can no longer
manage on
their own;
pity them,
the poor,
the old,
the homeless,
the infirm,
the demented,
the ones in
say a prayer
for those who
have to take
care of them
the nurses,
the doctors,
those who have to
feed them
dress them
even bury them
say a prayer
and hope you
never have to
be in one


Patricia Sanders said...

What great poetry!

Doug Draime said...

Tell Ed he has a big fan in Oregon. Always excellent
and powerful work from him

Best & Cheers,
Doug Draime

mather said...

That first poem about meeting your son in the deli choked me up. I almost cried, no kidding. This is way beyond poetry, it is pure human emotion honest on the page.