Friday, March 5, 2010

Wheel Chair by Ed Galing

Ed Galing is 92 now, and is basically confined to a wheelchair at home. He has home attendants who help him out. Although his mobility has been affected, his mind is still sharp, and he continues to write poems and essays. Here is his latest:


i observe the world
theses days
from a sitting position,
no matter those early days
when i ran around the
track at college
in ten minutes flat,
and threw a javelin--
infirmities come
at all times and ages
for me it is
my nineties,
my temporary pain
in my knees
the wheelchair suits me
fine for the present,
i cook in a sitting position
and find no problem in
traversing my room,
trying to reach items
that were so easy to
get to, in standing position,
now it's getting used
to judging height and
distance, no reaching too far,
simply making it another day
my therapist assures me that
in a few months i will be back
on my feet again
and for that i am grateful...
something to be said
for the wheelchair

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