Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Steam Bath

on the lower east side
every friday afternoon
the holy rabbis
come to get their
steam bath
and shower,
sitting on wooden
with the fog
enveloping them
so you couldn't even
see them,
these holy ones
turn into sexual
monsters, as they spew
dirty jokes, laugh
out loud
remark on the size
of their penises
and what they would do
to women,
and forget their holy mission,
you would be shocked
and surprised
but they still don't
and later, the attendant
comes along with the
switch broom, to smack
their asses, till they are
red, till they scream in
as if to atone for all those
dirty thoughts they had,
feeling they deserve every whack
and thus,when they leave later on,
and return to their normal religious
virtues, they almost feel like
born-again christians

--- Ed Galing

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