Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Praise from Writer Laurel Johnson for Ed Galing

This is from Laurel Johnson's Blog:

Poet and cartoonist Ed Galing
A year or so ago, the editor of a poetry journal sent me Ed Galing's chapbooks to review. I was immediately charmed by the man and favorably impressed by the depth of his poetry.Galing is almost 90 years old, a typical American of his generation. He served in World War 2, raised a family, and was married to the same woman for more than six decades. He's wanted to be a writer all his life, but poetry and prose does not put food on the table and pay the bills for most writers so he placed that calling on hold until retirement.Ed Galing has had regional recognition for years. He's the Poet Laureate of Hatboro PA for example. It's only been in recent years that Ed has begun to receive wider recognition. That recognition is long overdue in my opinion. He brings to his poetry and cartoons a lifetime of watching the world around him. He zeroes in on human strengths and foibles as well or better than any poet or artist you can name, living or dead.Ed does not have a computer. All letters and submissions are either hand written or typed on a manual typewriter. The lack of a computer does not hamper him in any way. Many of the best hard copy journals today feature his work.

-- Laurel Johnson is a reviewer for the Midwest Book Review


Anoutsider said...

I didn't know Ed did cartoons. Are you sure that is correct?

The cartoon that is shown was about Ed but not created by Ed. The American Dissident's resident cartoonist goes by the name of P. Maudit and that is not Ed.

But maybe Ed does cartoons that I have not seen. Ed is great though, with or without cartoons. I like his poetry and I am very hard to please. His letters are wonderful and very interesting too. I feel lucky to have two letters from him, one handwritten and one 4 pager that was typewritten.

Way to go Ed..... you are wonderful!!!

Anoutsider said...

One more thing -- in case Ed sees this soon. I just mailed him a letter.

Anonymous said...

I just found out today that I was wrong about Ed being a cartoonist. Though the cartoon about Ed in the American Dissident was created by another artist, I learned that Ed also creates cartoons.

Today I got a very interesting letter from Ed and a copy of a book of his cartoons called
"Adventures of Sadie the Psychic". Lots of good laughs.

Thanks Ed, so much.

Eileen said...

Hi Ed, it's Eileen from Lancer's...I finally found a few minutes to log onto your blog and read more of your poetry; you truly are a talented man!
Your thoughts and memories are so varied and descriptive; you really can bring the subject to life!

I have to tell you, the last week in the diner was so much fun for me - I really enjoyed the Galing history lesson - your family is lucky you have put together all the photos and memories of their past...what a wonderful gift for them! I feel like I know most of them already.

I was thinking how sorry it was that I never had an opportunity to meet Esther, that's definitely a loss for me - she sounds like a great woman (and is definitely beautiful in the photos), and your love for each other is something to be admired! 68 years of marriage is an amazing feat - it is comforting to know that you found each other and lived such a happy and loving life. How lucky your whole family is to have shared in the love you and Esther have for each other!

In thinking back to what my Dad said before he died, "I must be done," I can't help but think you have something ELSE to accomplish in this life...I have the strongest feeling that you should visit the synagogue, I know this sounds crazy, and it is just a feeling, but I keep having the same feeling whenever I think of you...please go to the synagogue, maybe something will be revealed to you there.

Anyway, I will get off my soapbox; I truly enjoyed meeting you last week and all the talks and memories you shared with me. Honestly, I feel privileged!

I am supposed to work at Lancer's tomorrow morning, I am sure I will see you there. Take care, I will check back in soon, Eileen